Plastic Extruders
What is plastic extrusion?
Dec 09 , 2019
Plastic has been hailed as one of the most useful materials for humans. Because of its cheaper and lighter nature than metal (while still having impressive strength), plastic has become the building material of choice in many applications.

Different applications require different types of plastics and different shapes and sizes, which in turn require specialized manufacturing processes. One such technique is called plastic extrusion. The plastic extrusion process begins with tiny plastic particles. These preformed plastic pellets are first shipped to a manufacturing facility, and additives such as colorants and UV inhibitors are added as needed.

Soon after, the mixture of particles and additives will be melted in a huge industrial furnace whose temperature is strictly regulated. Believe it or not, this "furnace" is actually a tube! It is called a barrel, which allows the plastic pellets to be evenly dispersed by a huge rotating screw, which then transports the plastic through a heater to transform the mixture from a solid to a molten state.

In most machines, there is one or more screens at the end of the barrel. Molten plastic is forced through these screens for two purposes: to remove contaminants and to provide uniform resistance to keep the pressure constant throughout the system. By the time the molten plastic passes through the screen, it is already hot and ready to be shaped.

Molding is performed by pushing molten plastic through a mold, and then cooling the newly formed profile directly. Generally speaking, the plastic extrusion process can be used to create basic shapes, such as plastic sheets and pipes, but it can also be used to create more advanced shapes using custom molds.

One of the biggest benefits offered by plastic extrusion is continuous production. With enough raw material, the machine for extruding plastic does not have to stop because the entire process moves at the same speed without stopping. Interestingly, this also allows the creation of very long plastic pieces, while other methods are less efficient.

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